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First off, I would like to say how nice it is that there is a forum for RIOT now.

I am currently working on a nice project using RIOT and I would like to post it here. Both to showcase it and to get feedback and suggestions.

I do not think that it is suitable for the Help category, as it is not a request for help. Or for the howto, as it is not a full guide/tutorial.

Thus I would like a category for Showcasing projects.

TLDR: Add Projects category to showcase user projects

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Could this maybe also be a sub-category of the Community category? To me that makes sense.

… Though arguably not from that categories description, which mostly refers to events and things not directly related to the operating system…

I’d still say the Community-category is a good fit. You could say the Community-category allows for a bit more informal “coffee-break-conversations”. Showing off your projects and discussing them with other Rioters would also fit that description.

We could make what currently is “Community” a sub-category “Events” of “Community” to reflect what “Community” is now, also merge “Tutorials & How-Tos” as a different subcategory into “Community” as well and add the “User Project/Showcase” as well. Like or thumbs-up if you agree.

i have trouble to parse your proposal. do you propose two sub-categories Community->Events and Community->Tutorials&How-Tos?

personally, i would keep “Tutorials&How-Tos?” separated from the Community category. there is a difference of explaining use cases or technical details (e.g., how-to) compared to meta discussions about the RIOT community.

cheers matthias

Mhmmm… it makes sense when you say it like that, but I think Tutorials & How-to’s is important enough to deserve a main category.

With that in mind, maybe it makes sense to give Showcase a main category as well?

Current options:

  1. subcategory of Community (Community will then be split into two subcategories: “Events” and “Showcase Projects”

  2. Same as (1), but also move Tutorials to a subcategory of Community

  3. Make Showcase a main category

Actually three: Community->Events, Community->Tutorials&How-Tos, and Community->User Projects/Showcases

Mh, I personally prefer (1) or (2) then. I am not stuck on adding Tutorials & How-Tos to Community. We can leave it its own category.

I’d say (1) or (3), because I think Tutorials and How-Tos is too important to be a subcategory.

BUT! I noticed something… This is the description of the Tut&HT category:

Submit your tutorials, howtos and other showcase projects on RIOT and related technologies here!

Maybe there’s a fourth option: make a subcategory of Tutorials and How-Tos for Showcases?

Updated options list:

  1. subcategory of Community (Community will then be split into two subcategories: “Events” and “Showcase Projects”

  2. Same as (1), but also move Tutorials to a subcategory of Community

  3. a main category

  4. a subcategory of Tutorials & How-Tos

Mhh, while 4. technically is the current status quo, it does not make much sense to me to add showcases to “Tutorials & Howtos”. Even if we rename it to something like “Tutorials, Howtos & Showcases” this sounds like clutter to me and putting things that do not really relate to each other in one box. Now that there is a set of options, I propose to make a poll.

There was some discussion on the topic and the only question remains: where to put the new (sub-)category. Four options were proposed so far, so let’s make a quick poll!

Attention: I swapped the original order by @Wosym to make more sense when read top to bottom.

The “User Projects/Showcase” category should be…
  • … a sub-category of Community (Community will then be split into two subcategories: “Events” and “Showcase Projects”)
  • … a subcategory of “Tutorials & How-Tos”
  • … a sub-category of Community (Community will then be split into two subcategories: “Events” and “Showcase Projects”), but also move “Tutorials & HowTos” to a subcategory of Community
  • … its own main category

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Wow, Thanks for all the responses and inputs.

My original idea was indeed to create a separate category.

I think putting it under Tutorials and HowTo’s could be nice as well, but I think it would give the impression that people would have to explain their project more.

I also think it would be weird to put it in Community. As events sound really different from Showcases.

Maybe an option would be to put Tutorials, Help and Showcases under a new category named Usage, to mirror development. But a new top-level category would be fine too

I remember while we discussed using a forum at the Riot Summit, I think Matthias found(created?), which in my opinion is also a good place to upload showcases and maybe link them to the forum. But I guess we should still have a place in this forum for this content.

That is even mentioned on our website. But as you already said: I think it does not hurt (in my opinion it even helps more) if we also collect these on one of our platforms, too. :slight_smile:

One day left for voting! :wink: Currently, there is a tie.

Is there any news on a decision on this?

Thanks for bringing this up again! I created the subcategory as the vote results decided.

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