Ordering Pinenuts

[Moderation note] This topic was split of off the replies in Unsupported CPUs / Boards. It discusses banding together to order the free Pinenut board.

Not sure if you can call it “For free” when the shipping for the free object (that usually costs about 2 euros) is 12 euros :slight_smile:

I mean, it would make sense if you could make a mutual order, but that’s not allowed since they only accept a single piece per order.

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Uff, haven’t checked that tbh. Yeah, that is kind of true. Even though I also understand why they want you to pay shipping costs. But 12 Euro is a lot, especially when they ship it from China. Whtere did you read this 1 item per order? I only see that you can get only one free board per order. But nothing about one item per order. So, you should be abler to add other devices as well. Works for me at least. 99c for one IC is also a very good price. Even though the driver support etc. isn’t that great.

Yes, that’s what I meant actually. I probably didn’t express myself clearly enough :slight_smile:

It would have been handy if it was possible to order some of these boards together with some friends or colleagues, so you can split the shipping. But unfortunately that’s not possible. Of course, I understand why they don’t allow more than one of these per order. People would hoard them all in no time. But still… shipping that costs almost 4 times as much as the item itself would cost… that’s something that scares off a lot of people I think :slight_smile:

Of course you can order it together with some other stuff they sell, but… they only sell their own, very specific stuff. Stuff that only a very select public of people need or want.

How about just writing the pine people? There is maybe the chance to convince them for more boards. In order to share them with other RIOT contributors. If you are in Berlin, I would like to pick one up too ^^

I wish I was in Berlin, because that sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, I’m 750km away, in Belgium…

Should we maybe move this thread to a different topic? The last few posts seem more about ordering the pinenut than about new proposals for unsupported CPUs or boards.

Yes, sorry for going a bit off-topic here. Feel free to even delete these messages :slight_smile:

As planned I rather moved it to its own topic :wink:

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@miri64 Good call. Maybe there are some other people who like to combine their orders due to the shipping costs. So, I would be interested for shipping to Berlin.

fyi you can also get those boards for 6.41€ with free shipping from China