Any work or interest in Dali-Master Dali-Slave


While watching some demonstrations about RIOT, I saw that some KNX products were made with RIOT. I wonder if there is any interest in the Dali Bus as well? Is there any previous work on Dali? If there exist a work on this subject, I would like to participate. Thanks,

Hello @ta1db, I worked on a DALI master only lowlevel implementation of the DALI protocol a few weeks ago. It works well with Phillips Xitanium slaves. Nothing public yet, but I can do some cleanup and send a PR with my implementation next week. I’m still on holidays right now.

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Hi @dylad,

I’m so glad to hear that. I’ve got a Hasseb USB Dali Master with integrated bus psu ( ) and a MicroE Dali Click ( ) , I have some slaves as well; I am ready to start experiments. I am on travel too, and far from my lab until end of the month.

Keep in touch,



I just PR part of my work on DALI protocol. See Hope this helps.

Thanks @dylad , I’m sure it will help ( I’ll check when I return from the trip ).

Hello @dylad

I just got back from traveling and started working right away. tests/driver_dali_master/main.c compiles and works fine for stm32f429i-disc1.

But when I compile for esp32-wrover-kit I got errors, if you could check it I would be very grateful.

I am using Hasseb Dali Master as Dali PSU. 2 masters are on the same bus, but it hasn’t been a problem for now. I’m seeing signals at the Rx point, I haven’t looked at why yet, I’ll look into it.

Tomorrow I will find a slave and test the system with the slave as well.

By the way, it would be even better if driver-dali-slave is added to your great work. Unfortunately, my own knowledge is not enough to do this in a short time, I am trying to learn by experimenting both Dali and Riot for now, I hope to start contributing the coding soon.

Thanks and best regards, Murat


I can have a look to the compilation issue on ESP32, I don’t think there is a big issue here.

My main issue with this statement is that I don’t have another DALI master so testing my master implementation together with a slave implementation from myself sounds like a terrible idea. I could have a look at this but probably not before this fall as I have other stuff in my todolist and this will be untested. I’ll keep you update.

Hi @dylad,

Your latest commit fixed compilation errors on my esp32-wrover-kit. Thanks a lot.

If you consider sometime buying a dali master, I recommend Hasseb Dali Master. I did a lot of research, Hasseb appeared to be the most suitable option for me because it has a power supply on its own, the price is quite affordable, and it is open source both in terms of software and hardware.

I’ll be waiting for your news about driver-dali-slave.

BR, Murat

EDIT: Tested on ESP8266 D1 Mini too, with a real LED projector as Dali Slave; works fine. However, I get “# error on reception:-6” , probably because my Dali-Click Interface Board makes cross-talk on Receive side when transmitting, we may have to put a delay in receive, I’ll check.