Advise request for simple and secure web server

I need advice on simple and secure web server and web application to run on esp8266 and esp32 platforms. I want to access the RIOT application via remote web browsers, provide authorization control and data exchange and security (a very classic application). I’ll apprecite very much for blog, application note and all other advice on this subject.

Just to clarify: When you mention secure, do you mean HTTPS? Because that’d need a certificate recognized by the browser. (IoTSF has a problem statement on that matter).

What would you expect of that web server, just plain file serving (because all else happens through JavaScript) or a full web application platform?

(I hope someone else here has more insight into implemented HTTP servers; I’m unaware of any but then again I don’t use the larger boards).


I don’t mean HTTPS, just password delivery and login features to restrict unwanted access to the server.

Regarding web server I don’t need anything else as long as password delivery and login feature is possible.

I can try Coap if recommended.

Thanks and BR, Murat

I just found : this discussion which is quite informative

lwIP has a HTTP server shipped with it. Apparently, with simple CGI support (though I don’t know, if that could be supported with RIOT). This was, at least officially, never tested with RIOT and it is not really exposed from our side. A good first step, would be integrating this into our build/config system.

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