Is there a http server example?

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I work the device with ESP8266 using RIOT OS. Since ESP8266 Nodemcu V1.0 has built-in IEEE 802.11, i plan to control gpio using POST requiest to http server runs in ESP8266. Usage should be like [ip address of esp8266]/turnOn/gpio1 etc. I successfully flash and run gnrc_networking in ESP8266 and connected to my home network. Controlling gpio is not a problem, however where and which example should i look to implement http server? I looked nanocoap but it is not http.

If I success this work, it is going to be included in my master thesis and in academic paper. (Of course referring RIOT.)

Thanks for your help.

You should consider using COAP instead. :slight_smile: You can find an example for nanocoap here:

If you really want to use HTTP, you can use the COAP HTTP mapping in Squid. (Haven’t tried it. Maybe somebody else can help there.

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ahh, sorry. You already looked into COAP. If you really want to use HTTP, you have to write your own lib or find another lib. CoAP has a lot of different implementation. e.g. Java & C. Even for iOS & Android. So, it shouldn’t be a big issue to use it :slight_smile: Maybe the mapper is a good approach for your project. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer Philipp. I decided to use nanocoap_server example and i installed a plugin to firefox to test it. Everything worked fine!.

Yet, I cannot use desktop and web browser to make get request etc to esp8266 nanocoap server.

I need to create a client. I look into nanocoap_sock.h , however, i cannot explaniation about creating a client. Do i miss someting?


Hi Burak,

See the ‘tests/nanocoap_cli’ directory for a CLI based client we use for testing. You also should review ‘examples/gcoap’ for a CLI tool that handles both server side and client side.


Hi Ken,

Thank you very much to show me a way. I will look them ASAP.

Best Regards.

Hi Burak,

Glad to meet you here.

I’m trying to make a similar application; how is your work going? Could you make the html connection?

BR, Murat

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Really, you found a CoAP plugin for a current Firefox that does CoAP? I thought that security changes to Firefox (since version 52 or so) made Copper no longer work. Is there now a way to do CoAP:// from Firefox?