Additional sub-categories?

which sub-categories do we need?

create as we go?

we should have a decent set before the migration.

Do you have some suggestions?

not now…i was hoping that you thought about it. one might be guided by GitHub labels. some similarities might also help cross-navigation.

in any case, this topic is for current and future discussions.

I was also thinking of copying the area-type labels from github. Maybe not all of them, 31 subcategories might be a bit much :slight_smile:

the argument of numbers also holds for GitHub. i like the idea of copying the area labels. this brings consistency.

@miri64, what do you think?

cheers matthias

I think there is a big difference between GitHub Labels and Forum sub-categories. Labels should be as fine-grained as possible (e.g. I sometimes think it might make sense to re-introduce the GNRC area label, but also lwIP, OpenThread, etc. since not all network people might be interested in GNRC, lwIP, etc). Sub-categories in a forum on the other hand should be as broad as possible, so people have an (easy to find) entry point to discuss a certain topic.

We could take the categories from the Roadmap as an inspiration, though I think that those are a bit too broad (“What does Security mean in this context?”, maybe also sub-divide Network by OSI layers, …).

An example what I could imagine in no particular order (and there still might be some overlap… just spit-balling here):

  • Network application protocols
  • Network security
  • OTA Updates
  • Network layer protocols
  • Link layer protocols / MAC protocols
  • Network device drivers / PHY
  • Power Modes
  • Device Drivers
  • Boards
  • CPUs
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Random Number Generators
  • General Security
  • CI

Is it possible to have sub-categories of sub-categories?


@waehlisch: How about a ‘forum’ and a ‘website’ subcategory for ‘meta’? Where ‘forum’ is for questions about this forum and ‘website’ is for questions/suggestions about the website? What do you think?

forum is fine, website is not. instead of “website” i would go for “RIOT” (i.e., everything about RIOT on a meta-level).

cheers matthias

I guess it makes more sense to just use tags for these kind of use cases. Otherwise it might get too complicated for some user not that familiar with RIOT.

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is tagging enabled? would be helpful to use it in parallel. as far as i understand, (sub-)categories will be defined by moderators. tags can be created by any users.

Sounds useful indeed. It is enabled now. all users are allowed to tag posts, but it requires trust level 3 (default settings from discourse) to create new tags.

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hi all - great effort! lots of forums (fora?!) have: Forum suggestions - rarely used but stuff a moderator needs to do like combine/create/rename Announcepemts (always a bit of an overlap with other media but…) What have you done with Riot today? - typical forum new from users - very popular as it allows short contributions from people which are often useful by accident rather than being a direct question. Related News - non Riot related but useful stuff in one area cheers!

I’d also like to see something like this - a place to present / talk about ongoing RIOT related projects.

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brief reminder that the current state of sub-categories is not satisfying. currently, there is a single sub-categoriy, Continuous Integration (under Development). this looks weird. would be nice if the admins could take care of this before we go public.

How about adding: Networking, Drivers, Boards, CPU, Package? That probably covers a lot of use-cases and isn’t to specific. If doesn’t cover your use-case, you are still able to just put it under development with tags. I also would like to have all categories accessible. If we go to deep into sub-sub-categories or are too specific with the naming of the categories, new contributors might have problems with finding the right category. If we keep it flat, new contributors have an easy access and we are able to use tags to be more specific. What do you think? I also can imagine adding Documentation and Testing as well, as @miri64 mentioned.