[37C3] rC3 assembly

I’ve registered an assembly for this year’s remote Chaos Experience.

It’s up to us what that entails, at least we have a space to meet and interact with curious people.

There will be something like the gather.town we had for the summit: rC3 World. So we can have our own space there too!


The Test Map brings the gather.town aesthetic to the 16 bit era :wink:

For our own space, we just have to host a .json file somewhere and then link to https://play.wa-test.rc3.cccv.de/_/global/example.com/maps_folder/foo.json.

That’s really nice!

Much like the 3D World the 2D world will not be infinitely scalable, so tickets are needed to enter it. However, unlike tickets for the 3D Congress, tickets for the 2D Congress are free.

The first batch of tickets is already gone, but a new batch will be made available Saturday 12.12.2020, 14:00 CET

-> Tickets

As always no tickets are needed to watch the streams of the talks.