Zigbee device using RIOT and EFR32 (Ikea Tradfri ICC-(A-)1)

Hey RIOT OS Community!

I came here via basilfx’s TRADFRI-Hacking github page. I happen to have a few broken Tradfri bulbs and have successfully repurposed their radiomodules (ICC-1 and ICC-A-1) by just adding a regulator and a mosfet, but haven’t touched their firmware yet.

I was thinking about repurposing one of these modules as a custom coin-cell driven sensor instead of a light-controller. One digital output, one analog input and communication via ZigBee.

Now I see that there is RIOT support for those modules, but I did not find much documentation regarding using Zigbee with RIOT, so I figured it might be best to ask here.

Would I be able to pull this off using riot and if yes how? I was not able to find any examples for using Zigbee with RIOT.

thank you!

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Unfortunately the radio driver for EFR32 was abandoned - maybe you want to resurrect it?

For ZigBee support there is another open PR.

Thank you benpicco! I would love to do that, but i’m afraid my level of experience in this area would call for a lot more time than I have to spare :slightly_frowning_face:

Do I understand correctly it would need both those parts, the radio driver and the zigbee support? Both is somewhat mostly finished?

This would be a helpful work and I’d like to try it when it’s completed. Thanks.