Year 2038


Most RIOT cpu use 32bit system or less, in 2038, 32bit system will get an overflow if they use epoch system and it will comes back to year 1900. How to avoid this problem, is there a solution with RIOT?

Example: int date = 2147483649; struct tm now; now = *localtime((time_t*)&date); printf("New date: day:%d month:%d year:%d Hour:%d Min:%d Sec:%d\n",                                     now.tm_mday,                                     now.tm_mon,                                     1900 + now.tm_year,                                     now.tm_hour,                                     now.tm_min,                                     now.tm_sec);

New date: day:13 month:11 year:1901 Hour:20 Min:45 Sec:53