Windows toolchain for ARM processors


I see on your website that you recommend using either linaro or gnu-arm-toolchain on Windows. Is there any reason why I should not be using Kiel uVision-this is the development platform that everybody at my company uses.

Once again, thank you very much for your help in getting me started.



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Hello Abhinav,

There is acutally no technical reason, that you cannot use any other toolchain. There is however a very simple practical reason: We just have never tried out any professional environment (i.e.: Keil, etc) for the simple reason, that it is not available to us. All of the core developers are actually working under either Linux or OS X, so these are naturally the platforms we can give the best support for. But you are very welcome to use Keil - and please let us know how this is going, so we can improve our Make-sysem for the future! Best regards, Hauke

Hi Abhinav,

as Hauke already mentioned there is no technical reason RIOT's code shouldn't build with Keil uVision. But as far as I know uVision uses Keil's MDK-ARM compiler for which the build system would have to be adopted (compiler names, flags and so on if the Makefile system can be used at all). But I heard there is also a CodeSourcery gcc "plugin" for uVision you could try if it is mainly to use uVision as an IDE. Although I don't know nothing about the status of this.

Kind regards, Thomas