WiFi RIOT OS support


I wanted to ask whether RIOT OS has support for WiFi or not. For instance, can two RIOT nodes communicate via WiFi and UART communication with Wifi module (arduino-uno and esp8266-01) is possible or not ?

Thanks in advance, Müge

RIOT has WiFi support for the esp8266. If you can run RIOT on both the esp8266 and the Arduino Uno you could use SLIP to provide a connection between the Arduino and the ESP8266.

However the Arduino Uno only has an ATmega328 with only 2k RAM - which is far too little for RIOT’s network stack. You can use a custom application level protocol instead to only send the Arduino simple commands from the esp8266.

What do you need the arduino-uno for? Couldn’t you do with only the esp8266?

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Thanks for your quick reply. My ultimate aim is actually to create a network with riot os between arduino uno, arduino nano , maybe an esp and a border router raspberry pi. Later rpl eill be used. I wanted to create this network by the help of wifi but I cannot think of another way to create a network with Wifi, if it will not be possible. Is there another way? Do you mean that I will not be able to create a network with Arduino uno due to its sram?

Thanks again Müge

Neither Arduino uno nor Arduino nano have any network interface and both use the ATmega328 which is very limiting.

If you want to build a wireless network, just get more esp8266 or esp32 boards. You can use esp-now on the ESPs and a single ESP8266/32 can act as a border router between WiFi and esp-now (using the gnrc_border_router example with UPLINK=wifi).

The ATmega328 is very limited when used with RIOT because of it’s very limited resources, better use a more modern chip if you want to do networking.

Maybe you want to look into 6LoWPAN, IPv6 over BLE and the IPv6 layer we got for the CC110x radio on 433 Mhz. WiFi isn’t very great when it comes to power consumption.