Why does mundo have a maw as a passive and why is conversion rate so high

Seriously, fighting mundo without it was annoying, but doable. You can no longer fight him 1v1 after 2.5 items cause he gets about 120 ad alone from passive and that’s if he doesn’t go tank runes. with it he goes upwards to 250. I’ve seen a mundo go up to 700 ad at 37 minutes to the point he might as well be a veigar. Just lower the conversion rate or make maw more powerful and remove the passive all together. Cause he is such a bs champ now. I’ve played with him with two skill shots and one that goes through minions i felt like i was basically a range champ in top lane. Tank meta is consistently overpowered, but this is ridiculous.


This is not Riot Games forum. RIOT OS has nothing to do with LoL.