where to put bootloader?

Hi everyone,

PR #7457 will introduce a bootloader application.

The question came up where to put it within the source tree? Currently the PR puts it in the root folder (./bootloader).

Do we want that? Is there a better place?

Options: examples/bootloader dist/tools/bootloader ...



gut feeling says dist/tools/bootloader (maybe something more unique than just bootloader?), since it isn’t really part of the system and not really an example, but a quite specific application. Then again, for the same reasons I could argue to put it in the root folder, that IMHO should be kept small, however.

Cheers, Martine


I think I’m quite against dist/tools/bootloader. Most of the code there can be built by itself, which is not the case of the bootloader… I was maybe thinking about leave it there in the root or move it to sys/ as a module. The module option seems to me a bit adequate since is an optional feature we provide to some boards, and can be deactivated when is not needed.



Well, the boot loader is actually a full application, which is something that has not yet been part of the RIOT source tree. So I suggest to create a new base directory "applications" under dist/ or root (I am leaning towards dist/) for it and put it there. That would make it either at /applications/bootloader or /dist/applications/bootloader.

cheers Mathias