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Hi rioters,

I thought maybe one of you gained some experience with the LPC low power modes and can help Thomas.

Cheers, Oleg

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I see that you porter your OS to the LPC series. Were you able to run them at very low power? I have only been playing with the LPC1768/1769 and has trouble getting a 32kHz XTAL drive a timer while the rest of the part was asleep. The only options I had were either to have a 1s accuracy on the timer, or let the core run. Both were not an option to we moved on.

Any experience you have with these is very welcome!

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I do not think, that you have another option. The crystal is not running in deep sleep, so you have to rely on the rtc as wakeup source. Why not schedule your wakeup with the rtc on a per second base, and use another sleep mode for the remaining time?

Best, Heiko