Virtual GSOC Meeting

Dear RIOTers,

there is a lot of interest in our GSOC projects (which is great!). As the next developer meeting is still some time away and the official application period is just starting, we will have a dedicated virtual meeting to discuss the proposed projects, the application procedure and anything else that is of interest.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 18 @ 14:00 CET. We will send around a PlaceCam link before the meeting starts as always.

Also feel free to discuss your projects here on the mailing list. You can also share youre (beta) application with us if you want to get some feedback beforehand.

See you on Wednesday!

Cheers, Hauke

Dear GSOC participants and mentors,

please join the meeting at

(see for instructions how to use PlaceCam)

Cheers, Oleg

Hi everyone,

as promised we will have a dedicated GSOC meeting now. To join please follow this link:

Look at this wiki page [1] for further information on PlaceCam.

@RIOT maintainer: Please make sure you don't login with the RIOT PlaceCam account!

Cheers, Hauke



which one should I join now :slight_smile: ?

Hear you, Peter

Oops, synchronization problem I guess. We'll use this link then!

Hi everyone,

we had a synchronization issue.

Please connect to this link:

Cheers, Hauke

Dear GSOC enthusiasts,

please find the minutes from our meeting at

Cheers, Oleg