Using TCP on native

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to set up two nodes on native, one is the TCP server and the other one is the TCP client. But it seems quite complicated to create the connection between server and client. Is there any code example or documentation about how to set up a client/server connection using TCP ?

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Caroline QUEVA Research Engineer at CEA-LIST DRT/LIST/DACLE/LIALP Laboratoire Infrastructures et Ateliers pour le Logiciel sur Puces

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Hi Caroline,

most of us are very busy with network stack refactoring. The code you point to is not maintained anymore. Concerning TCP, the latest work is in this branch from Simon devel-ng_tcp(tests/ng_tcp_handshake). see on github

Note: Simon currently experiences email server issues, but will be back online soon if you have further questions.