Using OpenWSN on a custom board

Hi all,

I'm considering on using OpenWSN + RIOT on the custom board we're using at work. I'm particularly interested in using the TSCH feature of 802.15.4e.

Could you please suggest the porting steps that have to be done? Our board is based on STM32F103 and AT86RF231 transceiver, so quite similar to the IoT-LAB_M3.

Would it suffice to customise the codes in $(RIOTBASE)/pkg/openwsn/openwsn/bsp/boards?

Also, I'd be grateful for any explanations on just how concretely I can use the OpenWSN library; for instance, just a plain stupid question, say I want to send a packet over to the transceiver, what's the API for doing it?

Thanks! Eriza

Hi Eriza,

using the current OpenWSN pkg of RIOT on your board should be pretty straight forward as it is very similar to the iot-lab_M3. In openwsn/bsp/boards exists a riot-adaption directory implementing BSP parts by RIOT’s periph interfaces. Only thing that might need some attention is radio.c as it is still very at86rf231 centric which we will get rid of with the new interfaces defined by the Network Stack Task Force.

To use OpenWSN stack you’d currently have to write a OpenWSN application as the example applications shipped with OpenWSN. There are plans to improve interaction and make use of RIOT’s IPC system not done by now because of a lack of developer time.

Hope this helps, don’t hesitate to come back with further questions.

Best, Thomas