Using IEEE802.15.4 on RIOT-OS native

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Thanks for your explanation! Is there any overview documentation on the current state of netdev especially in RIOT-OS native? I really like Ludwig Knüpfers diploma thesis for its good overview, too bad it's obsolete.

gnrc_sixloenc looks promising. I didn't find it in the docs, thanks for pointing that out.

Best Regards, Linda / Chamaeleon-

Hi Linda,

there is [1] and I guess what is written about netdev in my master thesis pretty much still holds up [2]. When it comes to netdev_tap, most of the internals of that are based on nativenet (it was just implemented against the new API), so I guess in that regard Ludwig’s thesis still holds true.

Best regards, Martine

[1] [2]

Hehe, thank you for the praise :slight_smile:

If there’s interest I think the sources of the thesis are available somewhere and could be used to make an updated version… as far as I recall it was a CC licensed document anyways?

Cheers, Ludwig