Using Code composer studio to compile RIOT


I am using Wireless Sensor Node which uses MSP430 microcontroller. From your website I learnt that RIOT has been ported for MSP 430 already. Now I have a question. Can I use code composer studio to compile and develop projects in RIOT?

If it is possible can you please give me the procedures about how to do it?

Regards, Balaji Dhayabaran

Hi Balaji,

there is support for the MSP430. AFAIK nobody tried configuring Code Composer Studio. In general we are focused on open software. There is a tutorial [1] about using Eclipse, if this is also interestiong for you. @all please correct me if I’m wrong!

Best, Peter



You can use the Import option and then under GIT option select “Projects from GIT”. Under “Existing local repository” select the path to your local repository. This will import the RIOT-OS as project and will be helpful if you are habitual of using CCS IDE and just want to navigate between files. But then again, this wont help build the project straight away. There will be lots of settings you will have to do and thus I strongly recommend use the prescribed procedure.

I think you are using Windows, so you may need to set up the build environment accordingly. But even that is pretty straightforward. Go ahead with that.

Thanks and Regards, Rakendra