Using CC110x on STM32F4 and implementing 6lowpan

Thakn you for your answer.

I added the suggested modul, but it din’t help.

My makefile includes now the following modules:

USEMODULE += xtimer USEMODULE += cc110x

Include packages that pull up and auto-init the link layer.

NOTE: 6LoWPAN will be included if IEEE802.15.4 devices are present

USEMODULE += gnrc_netif_default USEMODULE += auto_init USEMODULE += auto_init_gnrc_netif USEMODULE += gnrc_cc110x

Specify the mandatory networking modules for IPv6 and UDP

USEMODULE += gnrc_ipv6_router_default USEMODULE += gnrc_sixlowpan_default USEMODULE += gnrc_udp

Add a routing protocol

USEMODULE += gnrc_rpl

This application dumps received packets to STDIO using the pktdump module

USEMODULE += gnrc_pktdump

Additional networking modules that can be dropped if not needed

USEMODULE += gnrc_icmpv6_echo

Add also the shell, some shell commands

USEMODULE += shell USEMODULE += shell_commands USEMODULE += ps USEMODULE += gnrc_netdev2

How the development procedure looks like? What should i initialize my self and what is initialized automaticly? When I try to send a packege through UDP the data is not reaching the low level drivers of CC110x.