Using CC110x on STM32F4 and implementing 6lowpan

Hello all,

Is there any example how to use a CC110x driver and implementing a 6lowpan network using it? I tryed the example gnrc_networking, but I can’t make it work.

When i write ipconfig in the shell consolle i get:


Iface 7 HWaddr: 38 Channel: 0

Something is wrong and I cant figure out what.

Thx in advance,


Hi, we did not activate automatic bootstrapping support for cc110x + gnrc_sixlowpan yet, because, as far as I know, nobody tested it yet. Our old 6LoWPAN implementation however was based on the cc110x (since those were our only supported radios then) and though gnrc_sixlowpan is a complete rewrite, it was written with 8-bit address support in mind. Try to add gnrc_sixlowpan_default or gnrc_sixlowpan_router_default (depending if you want a 6Lo-Host or 6Lo-Router) to the USEMODULE list in the Makefile of gnrc_networking. If this doesn’t work I’ll look into it.

Cheers, Martine