users Digest, Vol 92, Issue 6

Hi everyone, it’s me again… after a lot of digging I found the issue… First my OPENOCD_SCRIPTS was pointing to an OpenOCD modified for ESP32, so the [find xxx] command was just not doing well :frowning: After, I had to set the variable STLINK_VERSION to 2 with this command line

make STLINK_VERSION=2 QUIET=0 BOARD=bluepill-128kib flash

And as Marian said… manual reset as STLink v2 clone doesn’t do the reset even though the RESET pin is connected.

Voila voila!

Thanks again, I can keep working now!


Hello… :frowning: again me…

Even though I’ ve connected a USB_UART converter to PIN A9 and A10 as it says periph_conf.h I have no stdout output… do I need to enable anything else?

static const uart_conf_t uart_config = { { .dev = USART1, .rcc_mask = RCC_APB2ENR_USART1EN, .rx_pin = GPIO_PIN(PORT_A, 10), .tx_pin = GPIO_PIN(PORT_A, 9), .bus = APB2, .irqn = USART1_IRQn, #ifdef MODULE_PERIPH_DMA .dma = 2, .dma_chan = DMA_CHAN_CONFIG_UNSUPPORTED #endif },


stdio is on A2 and A3. See the "Connecting via Serial" section in the common Bluepill / Blackpill documentation page:

Kind regards, Marian