users Digest, Vol 88, Issue 3

Thanks for your support Hendrik :slight_smile:

Actually I’m porting paho-mqtt as MQTT client (not the sn). Had a lot of issues using native, so I was thinking to verify it works with an ESP32. The issue I had yesterday was that my board is an ESP32-CAM (chinese clon) and the board is not defined in RIOT, so I started to porting this board as well :slight_smile: but have not much knowledgement with ESP32 wroom and wrover (kindy a confuse me a bit) and its features. Do you have any repo where you commited your ESP code, even if it’s with paho mqtt-sn?

if you don’t mind I would need some help. Can I contact you directly?

Thanks, have a good day to you all


I plan on using RIOT with a ESP32-CAM too. How did your porting go? Care to share your experiences?


Hello, sorry to tell you that after all I did everything using the native board.

For me is wasn’t easy for me to porting it as esp has a lot of closed sources and finally it was easy for me to go on native after all.