usb-serial support on RIOT for radino32


We are porting RIOT to radino32 uwb board.

However, unlike existing supported board in RIOT, this radino32 board does not have a USB to serial converter.

board info:

They don’t have onboard st-link or usb-to-serial converter.

We’re thinking about including the virtual-serial library from stm32 for this board in RIOT.

Is there any existing work on this effort or any other approach we can follow to enable the USB-serial?

Thanks, -Shengrong

Dear Shengrong, There is currently no USB stack in RIOT. There was an attempt to add one a while ago, but it was never finished. See for the last work in progress. Adding USB support would be a welcome feature, and I guess a vendor library can be a useful starting point. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that the API is suitable for any platform, so that we can use it for any other USB capable MCU in the future. It should also conform in general with the RIOT API design. I did not look at the ST USB library, so I can’t say if it is a suitable API for mainline RIOT. Also note that any code that should be accepted into the RIOT main repository needs to be LGPL compatible, and that GPL is not accepted. Feel free to open a PR with your work in progress if you want any comments on your approach, it does not have to be code ready for merging or even compile.

Best regards, Joakim