Updating OS version in applications repo

Hi Team,

I wanted to push an application using STM32-WL55JC to the applications repo < https://github.com/RIOT-OS/applications > . The board port happened 1 year ago, but the applications repo has a 2-year-old RIOT-OS submodule. Is there any reason why we are not updating it? @miri64 pointed out that there could be licensing issues.

No the updating is not the licensing issue, just release managers forgetting to update the submodule :wink: . I pointed out that the reason, why some applications are in the application repo was that there might be a licensing issue, but I do not remember exactly.

@miri64 Is it okay if I update the submodule then ? But how do we ensure that the update does not break the existing applications?

Sure, just open a PR to point it to the 2022.07 release. To you second question: Testing ;-).

Done. I have also added github actions since they were missing.

For reference:

Sadly, I don’t have the time to review in the coming days, but I already pinged the RIOT @Maintainers.