updates and new features in RIOT

Dear RIOT- developers and users

I pulled a Request for the following updates:


· Updated Makefiles : allowing a shell working with spaces in paths


· Porting the AVS-Extrem-Board:

i. Comprises additionally: 3D- accelerator, JTAG (debugging & testing)-, SD-card-, GPS-sockel-interfaces, and plug-in connectors

· Porting the SMB380 acceleration sensor drivers

· Porting the CC1100 drivers

· Developing a full abstracted i2c-interface driver for the LPC2387 chip

· Developing a driver for the SRF02 ultrasonic sensor

· Developing a driver for the SRF08 ultrasonic sensor enabling to capture up to 17 echoes (objects)

· Developing a driver for the LM75A standard temperature sensor


· srf02-ultrasonic-sensor project: demonstrating the application of the SRF02 ultrasonic sensor driver.

· srf08-ultrasonic-sensor project: illustrating the use of the SRF08 ultrasonic sensor driver and the simultaneous capture of multiple echoes resp. objects.

· lm75A-temp-sensor project: demonstrating the use of the standard LM75A-temperature sensor and the I2C-drivers.

· lpc2387-external-interrupts project: realizing the set up and the use of arbitrary pins as external interrupt source in the LPC2387 chip.

· updated test_shell project: demonstrating the use of own and the system shell commands.