Update to documentation overview.

Hi everyone, just a friendly reminder, that we need more people looking into and working on the new introductory text [1]. We currently have two texts that have this function one in the doxygen documenation [2] and one in the Wiki [3]. Both texts started as the same text and evolved from there on in different directions (the Wiki version got all the spell and terminology fixes, the doxygen version all the renames due to the usage of search-and-replace on all of the repository). The text at [1] is a merged version of both texts. This texts is supposed to go into the doxygen documentation and to be linked in the Wiki instead of [2] (the later will be removed), since at least from a technical standpoint the doxygen seems to receive more and better updates.

Cheers, Martine

[1] https://padlite.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de/p/mjtL88j5np [2] http://doc.riot-os.org/ [3] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Introduction

Hi Martine,

thanks for the reminder. The pad is great to edit, but not very comfortable to visualize the rendering…

I think both restructuring, and additional text would be welcome.

How about a ToC such as the following. See below how we could ventilate existing content in this new ToC. Most of the additional text needed is in section 3 (about structural overview).

  1. RIOT in a nutshell
  2. The quickest start
  3. Structural overview of RIOT
  4. First steps using RIOT
  5. Hints to customize RIOT and/or develop RIOT further

RIOT in a nutshell

Hi, as discussed in today offline I basically adopted most of your restructuring (remainder: the pad is at https://padlite.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de/p/mjtL88j5np). I wrote up to the structure section and finished the hardware dependent part. Hauke, Peter, and Thomas, maybe you can have a look if everything is in order. I also stripped down the overview graphic for the main page a bit (also as discussed with Hauke and Emmanuel offline): https://github.com/authmillenon/RIOT/blob/doc/enh/overview-graphic/doc/doxygen/src/riot-structure.svg.

Cheers, Martine