UDP datagram sending


> can you elaborate on how it "doesn't work"?

After the message is sent, the reading thread doesn't receive it. I have been watching what is going on in "gnrc_netapi_dispatch" function. The destination pid is correct and there wasn't a problem with message sending. Destination PID is 6 which is the udp thread (I put there a printf statement indicating any incoming message).

I finally resolved the problem yesterday's night. I was certain about it, but now I repeated a couple of tests and I don't know why it is working properly... The UDP thread's priority equals 5, the same priority has my sending thread. After I lowered my thread's priority to be lesser than udp's (lets say 6) all began to work properly. Today I retried the test and all seems to work no matter what my thread priority is. So maybe there was another bug in my code. Sorry to bother you.

But I have two more things that puzzles me. Why the program is aborting as a result of memory access violation after my thread has been: 1) Initialized with flag THREAD_CREATE_WOUT_YIELD 2) Has lower or the same priority as main thread from which it was created.

The platform I am running my program on is native (Linux).

Hi Mateusz,

hard to figure out from afar. Do you have your code available on github?

Regarding 1): I don't know how this should be related to you memory violation issue.

Regarding 2): AFAIK your thread will have the priority that you give on initialization, no matter from where it is created.

Best Peter