UART1 support for remote-reva/-revb and firefly

Hi all,

For a specific project, I need the second UART (UART1) at a remote-revb resp. firefly board. The current board definition includes only the first UART (UART0) in boards/remote-revb/include/periph_conf.h.

Furthermore, my required pin configuration is conflict with the second SPI, so I would like to disable SPI1 too.

For my project, I'm using a modified version of the periph_conf.h, but the best solution would be an generic board configuration which allows enabling/disabling/configuring the required functions. And, in my opinion, it would make sense contributing this to RIOT.

What would be the best way for this? In my current version, I'm doing this in the following way (allowing enabling UART1 my the application makefile via "CFLAGS+=-DENABLE_UART_1")