Two additions

Hi all,

I finally joined the mailing list :slight_smile:

Two questions about potential contributions:

  • Out of personal interest I have created/implemented the Fortuna (CS)PRNG [1,2] (still WIP + needs AES256). Contrary to the Tiny Mersenne Twister, this PRNG is bigger and slower, but more secure. I believe native/boards with crypto accelerators could benefit.

  • I ported U8glib [3] and got it working with a SPI LCD: I already showed this on IRC, but wanted to share this with the rest that hasn’t seen it yet. It can also emulate a display on stdout.

Would both be valuable contributions, or can I better wait for the (hopefully upcoming) ‘RIOT package manager’ [4]?

Kind regards, Bas Stottelaar

[1] [2] [3] [4]