TR: Crash HelloWorld project in Native Board


I’m evaluate RIOT Os, and I installed the environnement on Linux Mint (with Eclipse and command line).

Not having boards I’m starting by compiled the helloWorld project for Native target.

I compiled the helloworld project with success, but when I try to execute the program, it crash during the startup before the main.

The crash is due to undefined macro named “RTLD_NEXT” in “_native_init_syscalls” method that is called just after the startup method.

It seems the “__USE_GNU” macro is not defined in the project to enable the “RTLD_NEXT” macro. Is it right and normal or is it an another problem ?

May I have some help about that ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Etienne,

could you tell us which compiler version you use?

Best regards, Martin


Did you install all the 32 bit libraries (compare wiki)? Which version of mint? Which compiler?

Cheers, Ludwig

My gcc compiler was 4.6.3 version.

I changed to the 4.4.7, and the project is working now.

Otherwise, I found out the libc version was 2.15. is it still ok ? Or have I to install the 2.13 or 2.19 like suggest on the wiki ?

For information : I'm using Linux Mint 13 Maya.


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Hi Etienne,

nice that it now works for you with your changes :slight_smile: . > suggest on the wiki ? Its always good to have the buildtools and required libs in a recent or suggested version as mentioned in the wiki. However, if your configuration works for your builds there is no need to change something.

For instance I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 whit glibc 2.19-0ubuntu6 and gcc version 4.8.2 (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1) for native builds flawlessly.

Best regards, Martin