tests compiler policy


I am about to update the Dockerfile for testing to include a new version of msp430-gcc. We have the choice between a binary version (gcc 8) provded by TI:

and the vanilla upstream gcc 9.2 release. I have no idea about the performance / feature differences, but I use the vanilla version and it works fine. Which one would better match the RIOT philosophy? Cheers Gero


I'd personally go the vanilla version, but not for philosophical reasons. My reasons would be:

- More consistent to other toolchains (no TI specific stuff) - Does not rely on TI for future updates (in case TI looses interest in   maintaining their on version)

So +1 for vanilla GCC.

Kind regards, Marian


That's what I meant with philosophy ;-)

And +1 for vanilla from me as well.

Thanks Gero

I agree with Marian here! Don't use anything provided by TI :slight_smile:

Hi Gero,

Thanks for tackling this!


i am following the archlinux steps. So it would come from upstream as well. Gero