Telosb baudrate


I'm trying out RIOT on an old Crossbow TelosB(from 2004) and I can successfully upload the code, but something seems wrong with the baudrate. HelloWorld(and the other examples) do seem to print something, but it comes out as gibberish. The default(or rather hardcoded) baudrate is 115200 right? Nonetheless I have tried other standard ones and minicom and screen in addition to the python thing launched by the term target. I can turn on the LEDs, so the CPU does boot(at least up to a point). Any thoughts? Could this be an issue with compiler versions or is the assumed CPU frequency or the RC occillator frequency just different for my board somehow? There is some calibration happening during boot I think?


Hi Raido,

and welcome to RIOT! I don't own this board, so I can't test your issue. But I thought that maybe this pull request could be interesting for you?!

Cheers, Peter