Task Forces

Dear respected IOTlers,

for already quite some time the idea of having task forces is floating around in our community: small teams of RIOT developers that work together for some time towards a (more or less) well-defined goal. A good and very successful example for such a task force that concluded its task with great success was the Network Stack Task Force (NSTF) which delivered the awesome gnrc stack that we're now happily using to connect IoT devices to each other and to the Internet.

As an effort to "formalize" this idea of task forces a little bit more, I just created a small page in the Wiki: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Task-Forces

The idea is to have an overview of currently active task forces and their members. This might be helpful to get an easy overview over the latest activities and important milestones on the RIOT roadmap and to get involved in those activities.

What do you think?

Cheers, Oleg


+1 here too. I think it is also important to describe to malloc and free :slight_smile: I mean how to:

1 - create a new task force (hopefully we have a lot more to come!) 2 - join/ping/revive an existing task force (e.g. OTA is somewhat dormant) 3 - dissolve an existing task force

For creating: how about, simply stating something like: “If you wish to launch a new task force, go ahead, create your wikipage, and report your progress or summarize the latest stand of your discussions on devel@riot-os.org” There’s the slight possibility that duplicate work may happen down the line, if a lot of task forces are active at the same time. But this is not dangerous right now. If we want to cover this case, maybe we can add: “RIOT maintainers will contact you if duplicate or very closely-related work has been detected elsewhere, and if joining forces might make sense.”

For ping/join/revive how about naming one or two shepherds per task force, that could be pinged?

For dissolving: how about “either (i) the shepherd(s) declares the TF is done, or gives up, or (ii) the shepherds are unreachable, the TF has been dormant for a long time and RIOT maintainers declare the TF dissolved”


Sounds like a sensible proposal to me.

Cheers, Oleg

OK, I could go ahead and modify the wiki with some tentative text for that, which we could refine later on. In practice:

  • would Kaspar agree he was the shepherd of the timers task force?

  • would Martine & Hauke agree they were the shepherds of the nasty task force?

  • would Martine & Hauke agree they are the shepherds of the documentation task force?

  • who would take on the shepherding for the OTA task force? If no-one speaks up, we could classify this TF as dormant the time being.


Hi again,

OK, I modified the page, here’s how it would look like: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Task-Forces Comments/input welcome.

Talking about task forces, was there not a LPM task force on the way too?



yes and yes Cheers, Hauke

Yes to both.