STM32+CC1101+Border Router error

Hello Riot.

I was cloned newest version of RIOT and build gnrc_border1 router example with ethos. Initially it was nice, i was able to ping between my PC and border router (2001:db8::ff:fe00:2b), In other board (gnrc_networking) it configure the global address automatically (2001:db8::ff:fe00:5). But when i ping to the other board form my PC i always received Hop limit ?. So i’m trying to ping between border_router and other board using global address (2001), the result is same. But when I change to the local address (fe80), it ping normally so the local address is working and global address is not with my board ?. I was enabled debug with gnrc_ipv6.c and cc110x_rx_tx and I found:

  • At the first time ping gnrc_ipv6 pass the packet to 6lowpan as normally, the cc110x_rx_tx snd packet to 0, and border router send packet back to 1 (wrong address expected = 5)?
  • Next time I ping gnrc_ipv6.c doesn’t pass the packet to 6lowpan it say: ipv6: error determining next hop’s link layer address Please help, thanks. p/s hwaddr of border router is 2b and gnrc_networking is 5.