Status of mc1322x redbee-econotag


I’m testing riot-os on mc1322x cpu / redbee-econotag boards.

My setup is :

  • Archlinux

  • RiotOS recent git clone

  • Toolchain arm-2008q3

  • RedBee Econotag V1

I can run simple examples like hello-world and ipc_pingpong, but the other examples like ‘default’, and some tests/* fails.

I tracked down some bugs related to uart0 and vtimer usage. I suspect 802.15.4 radio part is not working.

I need to know what was the status of the port at the merge time Were all examples, 802.15.4 radio working at that time ?

Feel free to contact me, if you have information about this port, or if you work(ed) on it.,

(write_erase on irc)