State of USB, especially for SAMx21?

Hello everyone. I’m really enjoying working with RIOT. My one pain point is that my hardware is based on the SAMR21G18A MCU, and my requirements do not allow for an external UART / serial port, but do require USB.

I’ve read up on issues 3546, 3890, and 9830, and I’m cautiously optimistic that it might be possible to bring up a USB interface on my dev board.

But more broadly, can anyone on the list speak to whether RIOT is likely to include this or another proper USB stack implementation? I am wary of investing a lot of work developing on RIOT if USB isn’t useful to enough people to merit inclusion and first-class status.

So… advice, please? Is there a reasonable chance that I’ll be on the fringe of using branches and PR’s to start, and the main RIOT distribution will catch up with me… or am I bushwhacking a trail right up to a cliff?

(I also know that a reasonable response is 'if you need it that much, contribute to its development", but my resourcing does not allow anything more than light bugfix contributions)

Many thanks, Brooks

Hi Brooks,

Hi Brooks ! As I remember, @bergzand already started some work and he should have a beginning of implementation (a HID play/pause button I think) working on samd21 CPU here [1]. He said to me that he hacked the examples/gnrc_networking on this branch if you want to try it out.

I didn’t have time to test it yet but let me know if I can help on this subject.

Regards, [1]

Hi all,

I’m interested in USB support too. Could we have an update of the status for this feature ?

Thanks Olivier