Start a topic via Email. which email addresses?

i would like to send messages via email instead of using the webpage. where do i find a list of email addresses that map to the categories? i’m asking because it seems that not all (sub)topics are supported. and such a list would be more handy compared to clicking through all (sub)topics and looking for the envelope icons.

I think @chrysn figured that out.

AFAIR, there used to be an envelope icon next to the plus; it’s still described like that at Maybe gone due to an update?

In the page source it can still be found in a bunch of pre-loaded JSON – look for something like “” – but that’s definitely nontrivial to find. Funnily, RIOT is even an exemplary case people use when referring to this feature. Did we ever have this plug-in active, did it maybe get deactivated somehow?

The development, help and maintainer category and their subcategories have them as those are the only ones with an email address configured in the mail server:

actually, i was asking for a list of email addresses. i’m not a guiiis who wants to click around.

can the admins also create email addresses for community etc.?


The old addresses with the ‘-dsc’ suffix also still work but this set is preferred.

Maybe unrelated question, if so, please move this to a different topic.

There were mails to both devel and users. How do we deal with those last stragglers?

@oleg notified the sender of the last email to users@ already. I’ve notified the last sender on the devel@ list if he/she can resubmit the question to the forum.

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