Hello, I am currently trying the srf04 test and i constantly have the same error “Error initializing”.I did some digging but i can’t find any solution to this problem.I am using an arduino-uno for this task. Thank you in advance!


this error comes from the initialisation of the gpio pins [0].

You can find that the default params of the srf04 [1] pins are set to GPIO_PIN(0,13) and GPIO_PIN(0,14). Those are kind of logical pins - NOT pins 13 and 14 on your hardware - and it seems RIOT does not provide these logical pins on the arduino-atmega boards as given in the boards config [2] (these are definitions for a family of arduino boards, one of them is the uno).

You will have to set up your own params, to change the GPIO Pins to some available pins from [2].

best Semjon


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