Software Serial (UART)


I’m doing a small project on STM32L0 where all the available physical UART ports are being used and I need to have one more serial port for debugging (will be off in production). I would like to know if there is any library in Riot OS like SoftwareSerial in Arduino?

Thanks in advance. Regards.

There is soft_uart. Unfortunately this is not a drop-in replacement for a ‘real’ UART, event though the API functions are compatible: All function names are prefixed with soft_ to avoid conflicts with the periph UART, so code that wants to use it needs some adoption (can be search & replace).

If you have a debugger you can also use STDIO over Semihosting. This does not use up any UART peripherals.

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Thank you! I think soft_uart is what I need! :slightly_smiling_face: The second option is very interesting because I also have a debugger.