Sillicon Labs "Thunderboard Sense" - missing documentation

Hello everyone,

I am looking for documentation (protocol specification) regarding the sensors on the Sillicon Labs development board "Thunderboard Sense" (SLTB001A). I did not find anything online and wondered whether the documentation is just not available yet or if I am missing something.

Did anybody else look into this? Does anybody know of a timeframe within which we can expect component and board documentation?

Related: pull request #5652 opened by Bas Stottelaar (basilfx)

Add support for the Sillicon Labs Thunderboard Sense

Best regards Matthias


You can get the basic documentation (assembly drawing, schematic and BOM) here:

You should also be able to get it through the latest version of Simplicity Studio (V4). The user guide and official example code should be available in a couple of weeks.

Hi Alf,

thanks a lot for the documents – that's just what I looked for :slight_smile:

Is it okay to publish the PDF file, containing the schematic, on the internet as part of the board's description or is that information/ file confidential?

Best regards Matthias


Feel free to publish them on the wiki so other RIOT users can access them as well. Might be worth adding a note that this is a pre-production run and that general availability is still a couple of weeks out?

Best regards, Alf Petter Mossevig