Setup of development environment

Hey folks, I just tried to find the documentation of how to setup an RIOT development environment to send it to colleagues, but failed. The best documentation I found is currently hosted on a third-party page:

The documentation in the Wiki and seems to be outdated and incomplete ( is linking the deprecated launchpad toolchain and not listing the required packages). Am I just blind?
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I am working a bit on this (more for me to have a reproducible setup).

It is based on ansible but I would like to use to to deploy developer environments.

There is always but I don’t know how up to date things are.

The other thing that I have not considered is different OSes.

That seems overly complicated. For the common case

sudo apt install gcc-arm-none-eabi python3-serial

is enough.

For debugging installing

sudo apt install gdb-multiarch openocd

should suffice - although openocd would best be compiled from source as the last release is pretty old.

Another way to get the toolchain is to use the Docker image:

sudo apt install docker

Then, use BUILD_IN_DOCKER=1 for each build command.

You still have to use your system package manager or build by hand to get the other tools (serial, debugger and programmer).

For Python packages, I think it would make sense to include a requirements.txt file at the root of RIOTBASE. Then installing the Python package would be as simple as pip install -r requirements.txt. This file will not only contain the python3-serial package but also all packages used for SUIT for example.

The “setup” section is an OK starting point, Jose had this install script that I used a bunch of times in the past. I have also been wanting to add flashing in docker support for a while now

But I agree that ATM how to setup RIOT is not clear at all, and a big problem IMO. I think we should add a setup that would cover:

In my experience OSX is a pain but… can be a good starting point.

As a first initial step simply using the setup in “Tutorials” could be a good idea. @MrKevinWeiss Can you point to what you have so far? Maybe there is more people in the community with some setup experience?

Unfortunately that won’t work for my use case since the GCC on the Ubuntu version I’m forced to work on isn’t compatible. Installing a custom ARM toolchain isn’t complicated, but it took me too long for my taste to figure out what to install.

For the use of RIOT on windows, I am currently developing in WSL2.

I works quite well for development and ease of use. However you would still need to program using windows or another device, as WSL2 cannot access the USB devices.


I used msys2 to setup RIOT!