samr21-xpro / ADC


I just noticed that the samr21-xpro still has no ADC support and was wondering if maybe someone from the team could upstream their implementation..? Or take over the existing PR ?

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,

in general I would do so. As part of watrli I already worked with this PR and improved some things locally (which I mostly commented inside the PR). IIRC @wiredsource stated several times that he wants to finish the implementation. @wiredsource are you reading this? What's the status from your side?

Best, Peter


as we are planning to use the Demo we had @ Embedded World also for "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" next Saturday, I have it also on my plate, to get a working ADC implementation for the SAMR21 this week.

@wiredsource: Are you planning to do anything on that PR this week? Otherwise I would like to take over.

Cheers, Hauke