SamR21 Not using the build in radio

Dear all, I want to use the sam R21 Xpro with a GPRS plugin (Some friends from the electronics department will take care of the hardware connectivity). What changes should I perform to the Riot code? Thank you in advance!

Hi Ilias,

for you GPRS device you need to implement a device driver (which should implement the netdev2 interface to be able to integrate with out network stack(s).

Roughly you then need to do the following: For not using the build in radio, you don’t have to change anything in the code, all you need to do is not use the USEMODULE=netif_default in your applications Makefile… Instead you then simply tell the make system to use your GPRS device (something like USEMODULE=your_driver_name) and add auto-initialization code for your device to sys/auto-init/netif/.

Cheers, Hauke

Thank you very much Hauke !!!