Running CC110x driver on new platform.


><i> My question is how to run a sample program utilizing the CC1101? I was 
</i>><i> analyzing the driver (btw basing on it I am writing CC1125 driver), it's 
</i>><i> API, but still making a simple program managing 6LoWPAN stack and 
</i>><i> transceiver is hard for me. My aim is to build a small testing mesh.
It should suffice to create a file "cc110x_params.h" with the correct
SPI/pin parameters and put it in your include path, then add "USEMODULE
+= cc110x gnrc_netdev2 gnrc_cc110x" to your makefile, in addition to the
other gnrc modules. I use gnrc_networking as a base and just add those

Check "boards/msba2/include/cc110x_params.h" for an example parameters
file, but make sure to adjust the settings.

Last time I tried there was a problem with 6lowpan IP header
compression, so if you can't communicate between nodes using IPv6, try
disabling iphc (by adding "DISABLE_MODULE += gnrc_sixlowpan_iphc" to the
application's Makefile).

Have fun!

On native platform (linux) I had no problems running RPL using this tutorial: I tried in many ways above configuration with CC1101. After reboot one frame is sent. After initializing RPL another one. When “rpl root 1 2001:db8::1” command is executed no more frames are transmitted. A new RPL DODAG was successfully added. “rpl” command gives reply with instance table and dodag table marked. I turned on DEBUG in gnrc_rpl_dodag.c, so on native I’ve got many messages like these: > Instance with id 1 exists > DODAG with id: 2001:db8::1 does exist > trickle callback: Instance (1) | DODAG: (2001:db8::1) On my own platform with CC1101 no messages appears. I also tried with “DISABLE_MODULE += gnrc_sixlowpan_iphc” and it was the same. I noticed that despite disabling IPHC phrase -DMODULE_GNRC_SIXLOWPAN_IPHC is present in CFLAGS list (make info-build). Transceivers are OK. After one module sends message, another one is receiving it. So SPI and CC1101 is probably working correctly. I have no ideas how to overcome these problems. Could you give me some clues?