run RIOT Tutorial on stm32f4dicovery

Hi, all,

I’m trying to run the RIOT Tutorial1 on stm32f4dicovery. But I find the sixlowapp2 couldn’t be compile for stm32f4dicovery board. It gives error:

There are unsatisfied feature requirements: transceiver


And it seems there is no transceiver module on stm32f4dicovery yet. If I want to add transceiver module on stm32f4dicovery and enable the sixlowapp on stm32f4dicovery, what I should do?

And by the way, I have some cc2420 nodes in hand. After some search, I find cc2420 already has driver in RIOT. But it seems not support stm32f4dicovery. If I want to run sixlowapp on stm32f4dicovery with cc2420, what should I do? Is this post3 still applicable?

And another related question is: if I want to run libcoap on stm32f4dicovery with cc2420 in the feature, am I on the right way to this objective?

Thank a lot! Zhongwei

Hi Zhongwei,

You are correct, the board does not have a transceiver.

Also yes, [3] appears to pretty much still hold.

In order to use a CC2420 module with that board you have to implement drivers/cc2420/include/cc2420_arch.h for it.

Examples of such implementations can be found in: boards/telosb/driver_cc2420.c boards/wsn430-v1_4/driver_cc2420.c boards/z1/driver_cc2420.c

Neither of the boards uses the new periph interface yet.

As for the implementation - have a look at the nrf24l01p driver for an example of a transceiver implementation that uses the new periph interface. If you can rewrite the existing CC2420 driver to use the periph interface, I assume it will be highly appreciated.

Once the transceiver works with the board you should be able to run any of the existing applications which make use of a transceiver - including sixlowapp.

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,

Thanks for your reply! I’ll give a try to implement the cc2420_arch.h for stm32f4dicovery with new periph interface.

Best regards, Zhongwei