Run RIOT in unprivileged mode


I’m working on a project that consists in running RIOT next to a bootloader, and RIOT should never be in privileged mode, is there a place where we can specify this parameter directly?

I work on a Cortex M4 CPU (nRF52832)

Thanks to you

Hi @IdirO, by default RIOT runs in unprivileged mode so this should not be an issue. Take a look at riotboot/bootloaders where some bootloader application samples are shown, and riotboot-documention where documentation on riots bootloader is shown as well as [tests/riotboot/( where the integration of RIOTs bootloader into applications is shown. It can also be noted that a lot of BOARDs already integrate a bootloader like adafruit-nrf52-booloader and RIOT applications are simply flashed after the bootloader location and the bootloader jumps to the application. You would just need some make integration if your bootloader has some specific memory regions or other requirements.