RPL_UDP problem for Samr21

Hi !

I am trying to make rpl_udp example work for samr21. I am quite surprised that every time I want to debug the code on the board it goes to « isr_hard_fault » even if the program didn’t enter in my main and execute possible wrong code. So I am wondering if somebody could explain me how the system starts and why I am facing such problems ?

Cheers ,


Hi Maxence,

started the debugger for the samr21 a minute ago and it seems for the rpl_udp example it crashes when calling printf in `kernel_init`. Could you verify this by setting a breakpoint for kernel_init? It should then go into hard fault for the second line. This said I didn’t investigate any further by now and probably won’t find time today but it might provide you and others with an additional hint. Could you also open an issue on github for this?

Best, Thomas

Issue opened, I'll keep you in touch about my debugging process but it looks like a tough problem !

cheers, Maxence

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