RPL security extensions

Hi all,

I intend to extent the current RPL implementation with an exchangeable security module approach. The intention is to provide interfaces which hide the complexity of the used security module. This decouples it from the actual (and future) RPL implementation.

From my point of view the first implementation the security module will:

- test the existence of a neighbour node - verify any neighbour node - verify a next hop - ...

But the first step towards this, is to extract and modularize the `Routing Tables` and the `Forwarding Tables`, just as proposed by Fabian. Beside `RPL DODAG`, they contain the crucial entries to be protected and enable to engage a security module between them and the `RPL Core`.

If there are no objections I would start to extract `Forwarding Tables`, `Routing Tables` and refactor the current `RPL DODAG`.

Best regards, Martin


separating out a routing table seems like a good idea to me ... however, this table should then be generic and not RPL-specific.

Maybe we can discuss further today@Rome?