Dear all,

I am trying to run the RPL example provided within RIOT repository on IoT-LAB M3 nodes. The objective is to write a tutorial for RIOT and IoT-LAB users. I had discussions with Oleg, but I still have some problems.

  • some router nodes crash, sometimes after the ‘init n’ command.
  • some nodes are not linked to the RPL tree, their dodag command returns “No part of Dodag”
  • ‘Route’ command returns empty at router nodes even if they are linked to the tree.

Any idea about the source of these troubles? Thanks in advance.


Hi Ichrak, for completeness, can you also send the link to your tutorial for RIOT on IoT-LAB? Best, Emmanuel

Hi Emmanuel, yes you are right :slight_smile: The complete tutorial is here: https://github.com/iot-lab/iot-lab/wiki/Tutorial-about-RIOT-Operating-System-for-IOT-LAB-M3-nodes

in addition to RPL example, there are the get/compile howto, RIOT default example, and Foren6 usage for visualizing RPL traffic.

Best regards, Ichrak